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Market Information - John Middleton Co.

John Middleton has been in operation since 1856. In 2008, Middleton became the second largest manufacturer of large machine-made cigars in the United States.

Our Business

Middleton is focused on responsibly manufacturing and marketing its brands to adult smokers in a financially disciplined way. In 2013, the company's total retail share was 29.4 percent.

Our Tobacco Brands

Our cigar portfolio is led by Black & Mild, the best-selling five-pack cigar package in the United States. In 2013, Black & Mild had 29.2 percent of the large machine-made cigar segment.

Middleton also manufactures pipe-tobacco, with brands that include Prince Albert, Carter Hall and Middleton's Cherry Blend.

Altria Group

Middleton is a wholly-owned indirect subsidiary of Altria Group, Inc., a Virginia corporation whose common stock is traded on the New York Stock Exchange (ticker symbol MO). Middleton provides Altria with value over the long-term by focusing on Altria’s four goals to:

  • Invest in Leadership
  • Align with Society
  • Satisfy Adult Consumers
  • Create Substantial Value for Shareholders
Please view Altria's quarterly earnings release for current financial information.

Our Brands

Middleton is among the largest manufacturers of large machine-made cigars.


  • Black & Mild
  • Middleton's Cherry Blend
  • Gold & Mild
  • Prince Albert's

 Pipe Tobacco:

  • Apple
  • Black & Mild
  • Carter Hall
  • Middleton's Cherry Blend
  • Gold & Mild
  • Kentucky Club
  • Prince Albert
  • Royal Comfort
  • Sugar Barrel
  • Walnut
  • Wine Berry

Large Machine-Made Cigar Market Share

This chart summarizes share performance for Middleton cigar brands for 2013. Middleton’s total retail share was 29.4 percent based on data from the IRI InfoScan, IRI InfoScan Cigar Database for Food, Drug, Mass Merchandisers (including Wal-Mart) Convenience, Military, Dollar Store and Club trade classes.*

* Retail share results for cigars are based on data from IRI InfoScan. The service tracks sales in the Food, Drug and Mass Merchandisers (including Wal-Mart), Convenience, Military, Dollar Store and Club trade classes. Retail share results for cigars are based on data for machine-made large cigars. Middleton defines machine-made large cigars as cigars made by machine that weigh greater than three pounds per thousand, except cigars sold at retail in packages of 20 cigars. Because the cigars service represents retail share performance only in key trade channels, it should not be considered a precise measurement of actual retail share. It is IRI's standard practice to periodically refresh its services, which could restate retail share results that were previously released in these services.

Shareholder Information

On the Altria website you will find financial information for potential and existing shareholders: