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Our Products & Brands - John Middleton Co.

John Middleton manufactures and markets pipe tobacco and large machine-made cigars. Large cigars are a growing segment within the cigar category.

Our cigar brands include Black & Mild (pictured), Middleton's Cherry Blend, Gold & Mild and Prince Albert's. Our tipped cigars are filled with pipe tobacco. This began in the 1960s, when we discovered that while many people enjoyed the taste and aroma of pipe tobacco, they did not have the time or experience to smoke a pipe. This led us to develop a new product — a pipe-tobacco cigar. Black & Mild Cigarillos are made from a unique blend of both air-cured and pipe tobaccos. Our cigars are large cigars as defined by the Internal Revenue Code for excise tax purposes.

Our pipe-tobacco brands include Prince Albert, Carter Hall and Middleton's Cherry Blend.

Cigar Brands

  • Black & Mild
  • Black & Mild Apple
  • Black & Mild Cream
  • Black & Mild Jazz
  • Black & Mild Mild
  • Black & Mild Royale
  • Black & Mild Wine
  • Black & Mild Wood Tip
  • Black & Mild Wood Tip Jazz
  • Black & Mild Wood Tip Royale
  • Black & Mild Wood Tip Wine 
  • Black & Mild Cigarillo Classic
  • Black & Mild Cigarillo Jazz
  • Black & Mild Cigarillo Sweets
  • Black & Mild Cigarillo Wine
  • Middleton's Cherry Blend
  • Gold & Mild
  • Prince Albert's Soft Cherry Vanilla
  • Prince Albert's Soft & Sweet Vanilla

Pipe-Tobacco Brands

  • Apple
  • Black & Mild
  • Carter Hall
  • Middleton's Cherry Blend
  • Gold & Mild
  • Kentucky Club
  • Kentucky Club Continental Blend
  • Kentucky Club Mixture
  • Prince Albert
  • Prince Albert's Cherry Vanilla
  • Prince Albert's Soft Vanilla
  • Royal Comfort
  • Sugar Barrel
  • Walnut
  • Wine Berry