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Supply Chain - John Middleton Co.

Our business partners are key to John Middleton’s success. Middleton works to build relationships with suppliers and to promote actions consistent with our Mission & Values.

Each day Middleton works with thousands of businesses that help our companies manufacture and market our products. It is important to us that our partners understand that we care about both the business results and how they are achieved.


At Middleton, we do not condone the unlawful employment of children in the workplace nor do we condone forced labor.

We promote these positions within our supply chain by:

  • establishing specific contract terms and conditions related to child and forced labor; and
  • discussing our expectations on these issues and requiring that suppliers accept responsibility for their labor practices.
We require third-party audits of suppliers providing packaging and product materials who operate in certain high-risk regions. We also require third-party audits of international factories that produce custom consumer incentive items.

In addition, we use third-party firms to conduct audits of the overseas processing facilities of our tobacco suppliers.

Although these audits focus on child and forced labor, they often address other workplace practices, such as worker compensation, workplace safety, worker registration, management of employee records and environmental practices.


As a purchaser of offshore tobacco, we work with international agencies and others toward practical solutions that address the specific labor circumstances of the agricultural sector.

Middleton is a member of the international, Geneva-based Eliminating Child Labor in Tobacco (ECLT) Foundation. The ECLT Foundation brings together businesses, growers and labor representatives with the purpose of ending the inappropriate use of child labor in tobacco growing.


Middleton has worked to strengthen communities by reaching out to a diverse base of suppliers, including minority-owned and women-owned businesses. Our senior management emphasizes the importance of this commitment by tracking and communicating performance throughout our company.

By tapping into the energy and ingenuity of hundreds of minority-owned and women-owned enterprises, Middleton receives products and services that make our operations more efficient and profitable. Our supplier diversity development programs also help strengthen communities by creating more businesses, more entrepreneurship, more business training and more employment.

Contact Information

Supplier Diversity Development Process
P.O. Box 85088
Richmond, VA 23285
Phone: 888-685-7337

Altria Supplier Diversity Registration
If you are a minority-owned or women-owned business and are interested in working with us, visit Altria Group's website to register.

Altria's Supplier Code of Conduct

This Supplier Code of Conduct describes the expectations for Suppliers that provide goods and services to the Altria family of companies.

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